Plan No. 1

Plan No.1 is the cabin advertised which is a great little cabin and good value for money, providing comfortable accommodation and shelter with a shaded verandah deck to enjoy on a hot day.

The cabin has a main bedroom with a shower in one corner and a living room with a kitchen stainless steel bench and basic cabinet in one corner with a Rachslider opening onto the verandah deck which leads on to the toilet at one end. Between the two rooms is a staircase going up to a 2nd room which is the same floor area as bedroom one below, this is a an ideal store room or 2nd bedroom with enough headroom for standing but just falls short of regulations. So legally is called a storeroom.

More height can be designed into it, for a little extra cost. The total floor area including veranda of the super cabin No.1 is 44m2.

Floor Plan